Bed Bug Control


Our Bed Bug Control info includes:

  • Brief bed bug control note
  • Our bed bug control program
  • Follow up treatments
  • Other steps
  • Preparation for a bed bug cotrol service
  • Other bed bug control alternatives


Brief bed bug control note:


Bed bugs are tolerant to most available control materials and can be very hard to get rid of. Our bed bug control program is designed to overcome their natural resistance to pesticides and get you to zero bed bugs ASAP.

To do this we use a variety of very effective, very low toxicity control materials and techniques, together with steam, traps, box spring encasements, and monitors.


Our bed bug control program

We perform a very through inspection of all critical areas to find all the bed bug activity we can in your home.

We vacuum to remove bed bugs and their eggs from beds and furniture. Fewer bugs, fewer bites - right away.

We use 200°+ steam to penetrate furniture and areas under baseboards. High temperature / high pressure steams kills all stages of bed bugs on contact.

We install box spring encasements to trap bed bugs away from you - after making sure your bed frame won't tear or harm the encasement.

We install bed bug interceptors under the legs of your bed frames to make it harder for them to get to you.

In sleeping areas we treat all furniture within two to three feet of beds or other sleeping surfaces, we treat under the baseboards, we treat bed frames, mattress edges, and we treat the box spring, if present, before encasing it.

Throughout the home we treat baseboards, window frames, and doorway framing. We steam and chemically treat all upholstered furniture.


Follow up treatments

Bed bugs have a two week egg hatching cycle, to combat this cycle and overcome chemical tolerance we treat homes three times in a row in two week intervals, using different control materials each time.

These materials, applied carefully and thoroughly, coupled with the steps outlined above form the basis of our control strategy.


Other Steps

We suggest that customers consider placing, clothing, stuffed animals, and bedding in driers on high, as 15 minutes or so will kill bed bugs and their eggs. It is vital that the dryer is already as hot as it will get before placing items inside.

Customers will need to read labels on these items to make sure this action is safe for each individual item. For rticles that would be harmed by high heat - we do have fumigants that can be placed in sealed bags - ask for details.



We discourage bringing out items which could be infested into other areas of a home. If at all possible we want to keep the bed bugs where they are and eliminate them there.

Having said that, we do need to be able to walk around your bedrooms and take apart your beds. If you store lots of stuff under or around your bed, we stronglt suggest you declutter and see ho much of that stuff you can safely dispose of.

In the rest of the home, we ask that you move small easy to move items away from the base of the walls.

People and pets will need to be out for the tretment and for a few hours.


Other bed bug control alternatives


Common bed bug control options

  • A can of something from the home and garden center
  • Whole home heat treatments
  • Spot freeze treatments
  • Heavy steam applications
  • Whole home fumigations
  • Professional exterminator spray services


Over the counter products don't educate consumers on how to look for bed bugs, or how to do a thorough bed bug control. The other problem is that they just don't work. Don't be fooled, many of these over the counter products have web sites full of supposed customer testimonials.

Whole house heat treatments cost thousands and fail about 25% of the time. They are primarily used by most companies to crash heavy populations of bed bugs. Because of that super high failure rate, almost all companies which do heat treatments, also do spray treatments too, as insurance. Why pay the extra thousands, when the spray treatments can work by themselves?

Spot freeze treatments may be the worst answer out there. Bed Bugs are super resistant to cold. Unless you have access to a deep freeze big enough to hold everything you own, including your house for 4 to 6 weeks, run, don't walk from this option.

Heavy steam applications are a great idea, a hot enough steam with enough steam pressure behind it can kill bed bugs. If you are looking at steamers - opt for the $700.00 models and skip the cheap ones that don't work. We use steam as one important aspect of our overall treatment strategy.

Why do heat and steam only treatments fail so often? Bed bugs can sense heat, and they can sense it directionally. That is, they can tell where the heat is coming from. If then can find an insulated area to crawl away into - they will. The average home is full of heat sinks - cooler areas that bed bugs can retreat into.

A true whole home tent fumigation, where they put tarps over your home, works 100% of the time. Due to it's expense however, most companies that do tent fumigations require you to have an ongoing spray service to achieve a warranty.


Our use of vacuums, steam, and rotated treatment materials is an enhanced treatment protocol that really works!

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