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Why they are moving:

This site 'pestfree.net' was created by Safeguard pest control decades ago. The name of the site was never trademarked. Another company chose our website name / for their company name. There is nothing we can legally do about it.

We own the trademarks on Safegauard Pest Control, safeguardpestcontrol.biz and the trademark on ratsnbugs.com


Here Are Just A Few Of The Miscellaneous Pests We Control:


EWOnline Info Source For Earwigs Note: prevention and treatment info is the same for many Crawling Insect Pests: Sow Bugs, Potato Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Ground Beetles, etc...

There a number of crawling insect pests, which are much more common in homes with slab floors or basements that crawl inside from time to time. Lowering the exterior dirt level around the perimeter and removing organic debris can help. A four inch gap between the base of the siding and the soil and/or ANY ground cover and a one foot or wider gravel bed can make all the difference. Customers on an ongoing quarterly spray service, will see a big drop in the amount of these pests that make it indoors.


SpringOnline Info Source For Springtails Super common, in many colors. Rarely a problem indoors. See above for conducive conditions and general remedy. If inside - consider a dehumidifier. In severe infestations, it may be necessary to dig out and remove old layers of beauty bark mulch and replace with a dry gravel bed. Soaking the soil with a termiticide has proven effective in reducing the numbers - but only after implementing mulch removal.


SilverOnline Info Source For Silverfish / Firebrats:

Silverfish are tiny little insects that love to nest inside cracks and crevices. They live in your walls, attics, and sub areas. Infestations can be very bad, depending on what type of insulation you have.

They damage anything that is starchy and are notorious for damaging books due to the starch content of the glue used to bind books, but are just as big a pest of wall paper.

They invade from outside and are attracted by leaf debris, but do not require it. Silverfish Treatment always involves a very thorough interior crack and crevice treatment, treatment of void spaces, and a spray of the exterior. If you want Silverfish Control, you should have an ongoing Silverfish Extermination service.


Ladybugs. For years, Ladybugs have been sold as an alternative to using chemical controls. However, they don't stay where they are put, have no natural predators in our area, and breed prolifically. Coming home to a few thousand ladybugs in your home is not fun! Treatment of the exterior around your doors windows, eaves, and even the siding on the sunny side of your home can cut your nightmare down to a nuisance. We also recommend dusting the attic, lightly, with diatomaceous earth in the winter.


Termites and  

Fleas. We Used to do a lot more work for fleas, back in the days before the current on-the-pet treatment remedies were developed. But we still do enough flea work - to give them their own page: Flea Control.



Voles are small mouse like animals that make holes and runway systems outside, they don't harm or infest homes typically, but we will design a program to eliminate them upon request.


If you have problem with another pest, not mentioned here or on our front page, please give us a call, we have handled all sorts of pests for all sorts of customers with great outcomes for over 20 years.







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