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A large percentage of our calls every year are from customers who got stung repeatedly while trying to get rid of wasps themselves.


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  • Getting rid of Yellow Jackets
  • Getting rid of Paper Wasps
  • Getting rid of Mud Daubers
  • Getting rid of Hidden or Inaccessible Nests
  • Getting rid of Ground Nests
  • Wasp Prevention


Getting rid of Wasps: Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are small, compact wasps that are commonly mistaken for bees. 99% of our calls to get rid of bees are actually calls for us to get rid of Yellow Jackets. 

Yellow Jackets nest in the following areas:  In walls, in attics, in sub area crawlspaces, in the ground, in trees, and under eaves.

Yellow Jacket We get rid of wasps safely!

Photo is enlarged, about half again the size of your typical Yellow Jacket.


Exposed Yellow Jacket Nests.

Caution: all the over the counter sprays to get rid of wasps are highly repellent - that is they make the wasps very agitated. This increases your chances of being stung.  If you perform wasp control - only do so at night and do not shine a light on the nest - they will follow back on the light beam and attack you.

Also note that all cans of 'wasp freeze' or 'wasp jet', etc... contain petroleum distillates - which means that they will permanently stain siding and other surfaces, they will kill plants, and they will absorb immediately into your exposed skin, or heaven forbid, your eyes.  Always wear full face and eye protection. 

We get rid of wasps using low toxicty, odorless, fume free, non-repellent water based sprays that don't stain surfaces and don't agitate the wasps. 

We recommend leaving the nests up for a few days to kill any foraging wasps that were not present when the nest was sprayed. Rremoving the nest too early can confuse and agitate returning wasps and they will live for days with nothing but stinging you on their minds. If you would like us to return later and remove the nest - we would be happy to schedule a follow up.


Yellow Jacket nest under eave - notice the complete paper enclosure.


Getting rid of Wasps: Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps make much smaller nests which look like honey combs.  These wasps are not usually as aggressive as Yellow Jackets.  However, it is common to have many of these types of nests both on your eaves, in your attic, and one recently arrived strain of these wasps will nest almost anywhere.  They react strongly to vibration - just ask roofers, and strong chemical odors like paint.

These wasps have the distinctive narrow waist that most people associate with wasps and they are commonly confused with Yellow Jackets, although they are half again to twice as long.

We get rid of Paper Wasps! We typically spray the wasp nest first, knock down the nests, and then spray the area where the nest was.  Again, we use non-repellent sprays as this wasp is pretty famous for starting new nests nearby if their old nest is disturbed. We remove wasp nests for this wasp if we can reach them - since they are not as aggressive - and there are many fewer wasps in a nest.

Paper Wasp Nest

Paper Wasp nest - Notice the complete lack of a paper enclosure.


Getting rid of Wasps: Mud Daubers

Mud Daubers are a long scary looking wasp, that is also 'usually' non-aggressive. They make mud nests usually in attics or up under high eave areas.

These wasps have really long legs, and of course, the distinctive narrow waist that most people associate with wasps.

We get rid of these wasps the same way we do the paper wasps noted above, and often these two types of wasps will be present on the same home.

Wasp Nest Typical mud tube - Mud dauber nest.


Getting rid of Wasps - Hidden Or Inaccessible Nests

Some species of Yellow Jackets prefer to nest in places that are more protected from their predators.  These species will nest in your roof, in your walls, or in the ground.

We get a large number of wasp control calls every year from people who saw activity, couldn't see the nest, and treated the area where the wasps went in and out to try and get rid of wasps - only to have the wasps chew their way in through the sheet rock or make new entry ways to their nests.  Having an entire nest of Yellow Jackets burst into your home through a new hole in your sheet rock is enough to get anyone's attention - especially since they consider anything in the home as a threat and will sting anyone they encounter.

For wasp control on hidden nests or inaccessible nests - We treat the entry exit areas with non-repellent wasp control materials that the wasps can't sense.  As they go in and out they transfer the material back into their nest exterminating wasps inside, killing off the other workers, drones, larvae, and queen.

We do not recommend that homeowners try to get rid of wasps when they cannot see the actual nest.


Getting rid of Waps: Ground Nests

One of our local species of Yellow Jackets prefers to nest in the ground. These nests are often found when the entry / exit areas are stepped on. These nests may be dificult to control as the nest itself may veer off sharply from the entry / exit areas, or it may be several feet away. To get rid of wasps nesting in the ground, we may use all natural insecticidal dusts, or low toxicity sprays that will get tracked back into the nest, depending on what we find when we get to your home.


Wasp Prevention.

We offer a quarterly control service where we spray eaves, overhangs, vents, and other areas to cut down on spiders - the wasps favorite food, to prevent wasps, and maintain year round wasp control.

We would be happy to treat your entire home for wasp control, in addition to any live wasp nests you have.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers on spider and wasp control programs.

BaldFaced Hornet

Bald Faced Hornets are actually a type of Yellow Jacket.  They nest under the leaves of trees and shrubs.  They are bigger and more aggressive than common Yellow Jackets


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